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Digital Accessibility For People With Special Needs

Made For Happiness

A new accessible world

Change and improve the life of dependent people 

How to help people with special needs to enjoy their everyday digital life : videos, music, photos ? 

For elderly people and people with physical or mental disabilities, the use of a tablet may still be difficult.

The Edateko app is the best and easiest solution to solve this dependency problem

EDATEKO works through a NFC tag detection to start an action on the iPad, providing dependent people with a new easy way for to enjoy their everyday digital life.

Easy to use  !

The app receives information from NFC tags through the use of a NFC Reader. 

Even if the movement is not very precise, it works !

Easy to configure by the caregiver !

The app allows you to configure very easily an action to start a music, launch a video or a video playlist, speak a sentence, configure the device ( volume, navigation )

There are so many things you can do !

Listen to your music 

The music library on your device is available for the app. All the best songs from your music world are accessible by just a movement of your hand !

Remind the best moments

Make videos from your photos and give the user the possibility to remind the best family and friends moments of their life ! Photos memories will be like a best friend visit !

Watch your Videos

Import your videos into the app : they can be seen individually or be organized as playlist for the user's pleasure !

Make your tablet speak

Write the sentences and let the tablet speak out. You can write questions for requests, emotions related sentences, whatever... it speaks !

Connect the tablet to your TV set

Use the widescreen from your home for a better experience and sharing with other people !

Use it in wherever you are

No WIFI required ! You can use this app in your car, on the garden, on visit to friend's house. Your digital world follow you wherever you go !

What do you need ?

iPod or iPad

The app is currently available on iPad and iPod. 


Your device must have some features to work with the NFC reader

NFC Reader

The app does not work on standalone.

You need a NFC reader to get the real power of the app and help the people get access to their digital world

Some tags

The NFC reader works with Tags.

Many models are available : sticker, plastic cards, wrist bands, etc.. Select the one more adapted for your situation.

And the Edateko app

 “It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.”

Don Norman

Done !

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