iPad or iPod

The app is currently available on iPad and iPod, with iOS 9 and above

The device must have the Bluetooth Low Energy capability.

For iPad, from the 3rd generation.

For iPod, from the 5th generation.

NFC Reader

The app does not work as standalone.

You need a Bluetooth Smart 4.0 NFC reader to read the tags 

Edateko is currently compatible with two types of reader:

ACR1255U-J1 Secure Bluetooth® NFC Reader

A reader from ACS company.

It is available at some Amazon websites or electronic reseller. 

The Open Striato Project  

A Do It Yourself Open Source Project

Made with Arduino technology, this project is at the origin of EDATEKO app.

It has been made at the 8Fablab and is free to be duplicated.

You can get all the information to build yourself your reader on this website :



The NFC reader works with NFC tags.

Many models are available : stickers, plastic cards, wrist bands, etc.. Select the one best adapted for your situation.

NFC tags are available on Amazon websites and electronic reseller. All NFC tags compatible with smartphones will work with the above readers.

The stickers models are particularly adapted to pictos communication.


Just stick the tag at the back of the picto and use the already known user's "vocabulary" ( e.g.: ask for a glass of water )

You can also stick them on object : glass, CD case, toys, etc...

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